Prayer – Praises and Requests

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

It often seems we have more prayer requests during this season of the celebration of Christ’s birth than any other time during the year.  But, we also have many praises!  So let me share one with you now.  Our Christi Wyatt Zimmerman is in her second week of ministry overseas and doing very well.  You may remember Christi has been diagnosed with ALS and has shared her testimony of faith during this journey.  The doors were thrown open for her to travel to Israel and Ethiopia this month to witness and minister to those in need.  If you are on Facebook, please feel free to follow her and hear how God is blessing this extra special trip.

Another praise involves Sophomore Montana Adkins.  She is at school today after suffering several unexplained bouts of swelling and difficulty breathing over the last month.  Montana started this week off in the hospital with another attack, but has gotten so much better that she actually got to come to school today!  Doctors are still working to make a firm diagnosis and get her on the road to recovery!

As to prayer requests, please continue to pray for Senior Louie Luo whose appendix ruptured during Thanksgiving week and that was only discovered when they operated to remove his appendix.  He was hoping to go home last Tuesday or Wednesday, but developed a secondary infection that has required extra time at Trinity Mother Frances Hospital.  Please pray for his parents way away in China and for healing for this fine young man.

Another of our students has been struggling with much pain and was just recently diagnosed with a problem with her pituitary gland which has led to kidney stones!  Such a painful experience and scary time, but she is so strong in her faith, she is encouraging all of us!!!

And, finally, our sweet Freshta, Freshman from Afghanistan, lost several friends in a battle in Afghansitan last weekend.  Such a reminder we need to continue praying for our Christian friends under attack here and abroad.

Again, thank you for sharing your praises and requests for prayer with our Brook Hill family.