Prayer – Request and Praise!

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

We believe in prayer at Brook Hill.  Prayer helped bring the school into existence when Steve Dement and his Accountability Group committed to pray for the school and God’s direction.  Prayer has sustained us as we have continued to grow to even more than we initially envisioned.  Many of our families have been touched by prayer during these years as Moms in Touch (now, Moms in Prayer) have faithfully approached our Father on their behalf.  We would like to expand that option of having others pray with and for you.

We pray before tests, we pray before lunch, we pray before trips, we pray! We believe in the power of prayer.   So, we are exploring a new section for our blog for the rest of this semester,  called, “Prayer – Praises and Requests.”  Simply email me at [email protected] with any answered prayers, so we may rejoice with you; and any prayer requests, so we may pray with you.  You may include your name if you wish and the specifics of your praise or request.

Let me be the first to post a praise and request.  A couple of weeks ago, I shared with some of you about Sang Joon Lee, ‘06.  Sang Joon was one of the first students in our boarding program in 2003 and quickly became a leader in the houses.  He has maintained a close relationship with his Brook Hill family even during his mandatory service time in the Korean military and during his years at Lehigh University.  Sang Joon called me recently to tell me his father had been diagnosed with liver cancer and things were not looking good.  He was going to interrupt his studies and return to Korea where he was fairly certain he would be a good match as a donor for his father.  Well, I got word last night that indeed, Sang Joon is a perfect match and will be donating 70% of his young, healthy liver to his dad! He has asked us to pray for this entire process.

Sang Joon Lee, '06

Sang Joon Lee, ’06