Prayers – Praises and Requests Update

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

God is so in control!  It has been a long couple of days for BH mom, Paula Cool.  Her mother was admitted to ICU on Wednesday with a brain aneurysm and other complications.  At one point that day, there was a possibility of brain surgery.  Paula is the only child in the area and has primary care for her mom which she usually handles with no problem, however, next week is piano recital week for Paula’s BH piano students!  One of our other moms, Courtney Lowery, enlisted my home and we began looking for someone to cover Paula’s students so she would not have to worry about them.  In the meantime, God was handling things…all by himself.  Paula is so happy to report the amazing transformation in her mom.  BH mom, Dr. Barb Allen, was tending to Paula’s mom and we were praying for Paula’s mom and she is so much better now.  She was moved from ICU yesterday, though still on the Neuro floor at Mother Frances.  And…..Paula was able to attend her daughter, Lilly’s, regional track meet and celebrate Lilly’s 18th birthday, too!

What started as a very scary time has been eased through prayer and His mercy!  Keep those prayer requests and praises coming, please.  He hears our voices!