Promethean Boards & Technology in the Classroom – Professional Development For Faculty

From the desk of Brian Nelson, Academic Dean:

Excellence is to Faculty as Training is to Brook Hill! That’s the analogy in play last Friday as the BH 6-12 faculty assembled in a class of their own!

What was the subject? Recording and Posting lessons through the Promethean boards and learning to create a flipchart to teach! Teachers became students for 2 hours working in team to create mini-flipcharts with oral instruction and recording them to be shared as a resource for students. One teacher stated, “Lifelong learning is as much for the teacher as it is for the students!”

Brook Hill has been blessed with Promethean Boards in most every classroom and now with the addition of microphones and training, teachers can record the new learning on the screen and post it for students who are either absent or who just might want to review the lesson while trying to complete homework practice! Another level of excellence is achieved as well when faculty are absent and can pre-record the lesson for students to watch during class with the substitute. Coach Agnew took this approach today having his lessons on Proportionality Theorems watched as though he was actually in class.

“This is an awesome age we live in,” says MS Principal, Tammy Hayes. “Students have the lesson in class and can review it at home through Renweb resources as many times as they need. Or, teachers can ‘flip the classroom’ and have students watch the lesson before coming to class and then work the homework in class with the teacher as facilitator!” The possibilities are endless with flipcharts also available through websites specifically created to be used on a Promethean Board! Technology is alive and well and the reality is everyone is learning something new at The Brook Hill School!