Puerto Rico


Fifty-three travelers from the Brook Hill School dove into the Puerto Rican culture during SPARC week. The first night, the group put their feet to work with salsa dancing followed by a dinner of traditional Puerto Rican cuisine.  A highlight of the trip was jumping into the waterfall at El Yunque, the United States’ only tropical rainforest. The group practiced their Spanish throughout the trip even using it in a scavenger hunt at the local produce market. Everyone was amazed at the large number of unusual fruits and vegetables and a few enjoyed a sampling. The highlight of the trip was definitely stopping at La Parguera fishing village. The group had close encounters with a few sea creatures including a puffer fish, hermit crabs, octopus, and lion fish. The night ended with swimming in the dark bay with billions of dinoflagellates. It truly was an incredible experience to see the dark water light up with movement. The trip ended with a stop at Old San Juan to tour the Fort Cristobal.PuertoRico-5 PuertoRico-8 PuertoRico-14 PuertoRico-40 PuertoRico-43 PuertoRico-45 PuertoRico-53 PuertoRico-63 PuertoRico-64 PuertoRico-68 PuertoRico-71 PuertoRico-75 PuertoRico-80 PuertoRico-88 PuertoRico-89 PuertoRico-103 PuertoRico-108 PuertoRico-116 PuertoRico-122