Kelly King’s Economics class took a moment to step outside the classroom and into our American Freedom Museum for a hands-on exploration of economics through the lens of history.


History touches every bit of our lives in some way or another. And for math, or rather for economics, it’s no different. What better way to understand price inflation or the future of the penny than to look back?

Laying a foundation for a complex understanding of our economic system begins with grasping those key concepts so our senior economics class put their knowledge to the test in our American Freedom Museum. They found and compared the prices of items showcased in the museum, to the price of items now, and discussed how markets change, what drives an economy and how it was possible to buy a loaf of bread for less than a dollar in 1928.

Big thanks to our museum teacher Robin Bynum and our Economics teacher Kelly King for thoughtfully leading our students through experiences like this where we see learning come alive!