Racing cars are being built in Mrs. Wallace’s class

Eighth graders are starting to build mousetrap cars in science class. First, students completed an exploration lab of different mousetrap car designs made of all different materials. Then, they planned and designed their mousetrap car along with needed materials. Today, in class, students began to follow their plans and build their cars. Students are applying concepts learned in science the past three years such as Newton’s Laws of Motion along with transformation of energy. The students were having a great time! Some of them even used power tools for the first time. The project did not requires materials that are hard to acquire. You can use the usual DIY classroom project such as glue or duct tape to do them. Duct tapes are tougher than clear sticky tapes as their adhesive can withstand wet conditions. See the best options on duct tapes here:

“I liked listening to them problem solve and figure out what to do if their plan wasn’t working,” Wallace said.