Everything begins as an idea. It starts with noticing, and then moves to evaluating, which turns to thinking and talking and trying to solve the problem at hand!


Our classes, specifically our Robotics class this past week, have been making good use of our new Idea Lab that recently opened as a part of the Graves Family Center for Innovation.

Having this space has been such a gamechanger for our students and classes as we seek to collaborate and come together around new ideas. This past week our Robotics class tackled a problem and then spent their class time presenting their own solutions to the problem. They were able to talk through the pros and cons of each solution, and then brainstorm together to find the ideal answer.

Classes like this are developing our abilities to problem solve and think outside the box. Studying robotics isn’t just a hobby, it’s a career option that requires imagination and zeal for science. These student engineers are pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones as they present solutions and critically evaluate the best possible option.