Rock Formations in 6th Grade

Sixth graders presented their rock formation projects in class today.  Each student was assigned a rock formation and had to research to find out what type of rock it was, how it formed and where it is located.  Students then had to made a travel brochure to entice others to visit their rock formation.  Some of the formations studied were Half Dome, Chimney Rock, Garden of the Gods, Devil’s Post pile, Cheese Wring, Jughead Rock, Snoopy Rock, Organ Pipes, Mushroom Rock, and Flower pot rock.  Students were quick to defend their rock formation as being the coolest one to visit.  Just another way to show how God’s creation is an interesting place to study!

6thRockFormations(TA)-1 6thRockFormations(TA)-2 6thRockFormations(TA)-3 6thRockFormations(TA)-4 6thRockFormations(TA)-5 6thRockFormations(TA)-6