School Tool Box

We are pleased to announce that if you were one of the 100 people who ordered school supplies from School Tool Box this summer, you helped provide a meal for 340 children for one year.  At the same time, you provided a collective gift to The Brook Hill Fund–$1,247.96.


Here’s the letter we received from School Tool Box: 

Above all else, School Tool Box is a company that cares like no other about children and education. We’re driven by a passion and focus to serve our customers, our employees, our families and our communities.

Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit organization that provides nutritionally complete meals for malnourished children. FMSC relies on donations to provide the ingredients for the meals and volunteers to hand-pack the meals.

Our partnership with FMSC feels like a perfect fit. Our ‘One Box, One Meal, Two Kids’ initiative began in 2012 when we pledged to donate one meal for every box purchased through our program. FMSC estimates that 6,200 children die every day due to under nutrition. Providing nutrition allows children to grow, thrive and learn.

Thanks to your school’s participation in the School Tool Box program this year, we are able to feed 340 children for one year. Enclosed you’ll find a certificate of appreciation that we’ve created for you to share with your school, students, parents and teachers.