Science Lab – Creating a Spirit of Wonder & Inquiry

Memorizing facts and recalling equations have their place in learning, without a doubt. But seeing those equations and facts, the talked about theories come to life. That’s what we’re excited about in our science labs!


Middle School science teacher, Jenny Wallace’s 8th-grade class collaborated in groups this week to measure the mass and volume of various objects to determine their density. They recorded their findings and will progress through finding the density of each object, you guessed it, using an equation! But, talking through the best method for measuring an item and getting to interact with physical objects is all a part of the fun. 

Observing students at their lab stations, it’s clear that this class time is more than the simple transfer of knowledge from teacher to student. From the explanation to the experiment, this hands-on lab is creating a spirit of inquiry and we’re so thankful for the smaller class sizes and discussion that come with this kind of interactive classroom. 

This year, Brook Hill students have the opportunity to study from a Christian Science book that doesn’t at all “water down” the science, and yet holds to a Christian perspective of wonder and design. The books are published by Christian Schools International and are the perfect classroom complement for our teachers who are passionate about knowledge, and committed to a Christian worldview.  6th studies Earth Science, 7th studies Life Science and to round out the middle school years, 8th grade studies Physical Science!

For those of us who are rusty on our 8th-grade science equations…density is found by dividing the mass by the volume. Happy exploring friends!