Students in Handmade Scrapbooking communicated their stories by organizing a meaningful presentation of pictures and memorabilia.   Each student chose a theme, learned how to design scrapbook pages, shared their designs with each other, and then revised their designs as needed.  This was accomplished through formal lectures, “hands-on” demonstrations and modeling, and individualized instruction.  The girls that participated ranged in age from 8th grade – 12th grade, and each girl completed at least 7 scrapbook pages.  Sponsors were Shannan McEuen and Mary Ann Williford.

Guest speakers, Jan Yarbrough, Janet Warner, and Tammy Benson, demonstrated many scrapbooking techniques using various materials and embellishments.  The guest speakers brought extra materials so that each student could practice the techniques as the speakers demonstrated them.  The students’ favorite activity was that of making flowers for their scrapbooks.  The students and teachers also enjoyed getting to know each other better and shopping at Hobby Lobby.

The benefits of the class were numerous.  The girls learned how important it is to organize a project.  They learned how beneficial it is to help each other with opinions and materials.  They were very creative and actually expanded their creativity.  They learned new techniques such as how to use a Cricket in scrapbooking.  Most of all, the girls enjoyed getting to know each other better,  and they learned about a hobby that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

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