Senior Reality Fair

On Thursday, March 6, Brook Hill seniors experienced a little bit of “reality.”

Sponsored by the Kelly Community Federal Credit Union, the reality fair began with a presentation from Scott Rose, President and CEO of the credit union. Scott’s presentation introduced students to the basics of a personal monthly budget, including the realities of taxes, fixed expenses, and discretionary expenses.

Then students were presented with a budget sheet featuring a monthly salary based on the career they intend to pursue. From that salary, students went to different tables to spend their salary on things like student loan payments, housing, transportation, utilities, food, clothing, insurance, and “temptations” like pets, cell phones, and electronics and entertainment. Finally, they experienced the “wheel of reality” – a spinning wheel that landed on different chance events like car repair needs.

Students responded positively to the event, including comments like:

  • “I learned that I need to choose another major.”
  • “In life you can’t have everything you want.”
  • “having someone else to help pay the bills is a big advantage.”
  • “I need to lower my expectations.”
  • “The salary did not provide what I thought it would.”
  • “The guy at the auto booth was a great salesman, but he couldn’t quite convince me on the Mercedes!”

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