Seventh Grade and Seniors Win Spirit Competition

As part of our back to school activities, each grade level worked as a team to create their own grade cheer and choreography for the fight song. At 2:20 pm on Friday, our school gym filled with cheering students who wanted to show that their grade had the most spirit. Each grade level then had a turn to show their spirit.

A panel of celebrity judges (well, if not “celebrities,” then “celebrated” school staff) evaluated each grade’s performance based on an eight-part scoring system. Each grade level was judged on (1) how loud and understandably they sang the fight song, (2) how impressive was their song choreography, (3) having a cheer that mentioned their graduation year, (4) including “Brook Hill” in their cheer, (5) including the color orange in their cheer, (6) their creativity, (7) the choreography of their cheer, and (8) bonus points for the most creative pictures from Thursday’s photo scavenger hunt.

The seventh grade won the middle school competition, and they will receive exclusive use of the student center during middle school lunch on Thursday and Friday next week. The seniors won the high school competition, and they will get to wear jeans and Brook Hill shirts to school on Monday instead of uniform pants and skirts.

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