SPARC: At Home

“Eight talented Brook Hill songwriters explored song construction, form, style, and technique as they spent the week being creative and getting their ideas down on paper,” Celia Tucker said. “The group brainstormed, wrote, and re-wrote their songs before performing them at We Hope Ranch for a song celebration. Guitars, violins, keyboards, drums, and a tambourine were instrumentation for this outstanding group of young ladies. Professional song writers, a UT Tyler Composition class, The Guitar Center, The Foundry and fine eating establishments all provided inspiration.”
“This week in Understanding and Creating Comics we have done a lot of reading and a lot of drawing,” Kent Travis said. “The days start with some reading and discussion of Scott McCloud’s book Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, a comic about how comics work. Then, the students are given time to read, well, comics. After all, a class about comics should allow for plenty of comics reading, don’t you think. After lunch, the students work on their own comics projects, coming up with characters, stories, layouts—everything a comic needs.”

Other classes on campus included: Strategies and Safety for Youngsters, Military Tactics, Strategies and History and So You Want to Work in Sports.