The purpose of Speech Class at Brook Hill is to help students learn the crucial skill of effectively communicating their ideas and passions with others.


One way that we reach this goal is through the Job Interview Exercise. We invite business leaders and owners from around the area to partner with us in this project. These professionals conduct interviews using internship scenarios as if the student were actually applying to be a part of their company, giving our students the hands-on experience of articulating their skills and presenting themselves.

Students have the opportunity to prepare for their interviews and we take time to walk through practical skills needed such as dress, resume, presentation, and how to best sum up their skills in the window of time a future employer might give them.

This is a practical way to help students practice communicating with others while also preparing them for important real-life situations. Our hope is that students will become more confident men and women as they learn these skills and that they are prepared for their job interviews and professional interactions in the future. We try to take every chance we can to prepare our students not just for college, but for life!