Brent Buell

Teacher - Bible (US)

Brent grew up in Fort Worth and then moved to Chicago to attend Wheaton College, where he earned his degree in Biblical and Theological Studies.

During one of his many summers working at camp, Brent met his incredible bride, Mackenzie, and they began their adventure of long-distance dating until Brent finished school in Chicago. Upon graduating, Brent began working as a camp director in Dallas while his wife was a women’s director for a camp in Tyler. When they got married at the beginning of 2023, Brent joined Mackenzie in Tyler and began looking for jobs that allowed him to pursue his passion for teaching the Bible.

In the summer of 2023, God presented the perfect opportunity for just that. Brent was hired at Brook Hill to create and teach our 10th-grade Bible class and co-teach our 12th-grade Bible class.

When Brent isn’t working, there’s a good chance he’s playing pickleball, running on the Fresh trail, or watching a movie from the comfort of his couch!