Student Highlight: Ryan Ordini

Ryan Ordini came to Brook Hill his sophomore year from Flower Mound, Texas. During his time here, he has been involved in basketball, residence life council, and student council, among other activities. We got to hear from Ryan about how much he’s enjoyed his time here and why he would encourage other students to attend boarding school.



What has surprised you about boarding school?

The main thing that has surprised me about Brook Hill is how close you get with people. The people in my house have truly become my brothers. I knew I would get close to people at the school, but I never imagined that I would become this close. You gain lifelong friendships with people here. I am also surprised by how fast time goes by at Brook Hill. It truly feels like yesterday I was coming to Brook Hill for the start of my sophomore year, now I am a senior quickly coming to the end of high school with graduation right around the corner.

How have you grown as a person since you started at Brook Hill?

By coming to Brook Hill, I have become a much more responsible and independent person. I am now responsible for shopping for myself, making sure my laundry gets done, and I don’t have my parents over my shoulder making sure my homework gets done every day. Because of this, I have been forced to figure out to how take care of myself and I am so thankful for it. By being a boarding student, I truly have become college-ready. Brook Hill has made me a lot tougher and I am ready for any challenges life throws my way.

“By being a boarding student, I truly have become college-ready. Brook Hill has made me a lot tougher and I am ready for any challenges life throws my way.”


How has the boarding community at Brook Hill expanded your view of the world?

Being at a boarding school with international students, I have met such a diverse group of people. Experiencing how others view religion, politics, school, sports, and many other things has truly opened up my eyes to the fact that we are not all the same. Every person from every country is totally different and their lives in their own countries are very different and unique. When I came to Brook Hill I felt like I was in a bubble – that the U.S. is the only main country and we have everything the way it should be and we were the status quo. After experiencing people from different countries for three years, I now have a good idea of how the world goes around and what each country’s lifestyle looks like. By meeting such diverse people, it has helped me grow in my faith, maturity, and overall worldview.

What has been the best part of being a boarding student?

It definitely has to be the friendships. I have met people from around the world and now I know someone in countries around the world. If I ever travel to those countries, I will have someone I can stay with or have someone I can visit. It really is a cool thing to reflect on. The memories and fun I have had with the guys in my house is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I am so grateful for the people I have been able to meet and create lifelong memories with. I am extremely sad I am going to have to leave it behind in a few short months, but I am beyond grateful for the memories I have created and I have so much to reflect on for the rest of my life.

What would you tell someone who is considering Brook Hill as a boarding student?

If you allow yourself to, you will have an amazing time. The idea of going to a boarding school can feel daunting to some. However, it truly is an enriching experience. The friendships you make and develop are unmatched by anything.

“By going to Brook Hill, you are separated from your family, but you also find yourself a second family.”


My house parent is also amazing, I don’t think anyone could be a better house parent than Mr. Wilson.  I really become part of their family. They care for me and love me just as if they were my actual parents.  It is really such a cool experience that you cannot find anywhere else.



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