Study and Test-taking Tips for Final Exams

There is no doubt an emotional wave that begins the moment the teachers begin to talk about final exams. No need to panic or check out in withdrawal. Here are some quick tips to study for finals, and a brief article to help further.

Tip 1: Start Early

If you haven’t started preparing for your exams already, start preparing now. Studying a little every day will help you understand and retain your knowledge. Cramming brings stress and anxiety which inhibits the learning process. Remember: procrastination is the assassination of motivation.

Tip 2: Remove Distractions

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is our phones, video games, televisions, or even our friends. Put your phone up, or even just turn it off – and don’t spend your energy on the latest drama going on among your classmates.

Tip 3: Figure out how you learn best, and study that way

We all learn differently. Some of us can memorize quickly by making and using flash cards – but that doesn’t work for everyone or even every subject. Sometimes we need to write out our essays ahead of time, or go back through old math problems we’ve had difficulty with. Some of us study better alone, and some of us need a friend to quiz us and dialogue about ideas, theories, and principals. If you study better alone, don’t study with your friends – they can be a distraction. If you need someone to keep you on track and you learn verbally, then go to Starbucks or have your friend over.

Tip 4: Don’t Give Up

Sometimes we have the tendency to grow weary and tired in the preparation process. Studying is wearisome for the mind. Yes, take breaks. Get up, walk around, or have a snack. Take some time to clear your head, but don’t quit too early. There are classes and exams that you have to give your best to, and that takes perseverance. This discipline of enduring until the task is complete will not only help you in college, but will guide you as you enter the working world.  But, even more than that, enduring difficulty teaches us how to follow Christ more fully. Just as Christ endured to the point of death on the cross to redeem us, we also find life when we endure trials of every kind – studying for major tests and exams is a small, but practical way to begin learning that discipline now.

Still want more? Here is a great little article that addresses more study and test-taking tips for exams and gives relevant advice on how to prepare…mind, body, and soul!