Super Spy Challenge

I spy with my little eye, a book, a horse, a plane way up high. Can you find all these things? Come and give it a try!

Mrs. Dahn’s and Mrs. Smith’s first grade classes spent time in the Museum on Wednesday learning some of the basics about the American Freedom Museum. They learned about Museum etiquette and that Museums were not really scary at all. They were shown how to identify common things from history that they had never seen before. After taking a careful inventory of all the amazing things in the Museum they put their detective skills to the test. They looked high, they looked low, and they looked twice! How many things did they find and count? They found flags, shoes, weapons, hats, buttons, maps, canteens, vehicles, books/newspapers and instruments. The first grade super spies made charts of all the different items they were able to find in the Museum using their best detective skills and they even earned a ride on the C-47 paratrooper plane!

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