Tall Texan Tuesday

Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Alder’s 7th Grade Humanities classes joined together for a Tall Texan Tuesday in the American Freedom Museum this past week to combine their knowledge of both history and English.


Students were instructed to choose a Texas hero, event, or artifact within the museum and then read about it, answering a set of discovery questions for their chosen subject. For each answer, students had to stay within a “seven words or less” sentence framework and were asked at the end to summarize their information into a three-sentence, 30 words or less paragraph.

As the year progresses, and students continue to hone their writing skills, the summary paragraphs will eventually whittle down to summary sentences for each subject chosen.

Working through activities and learning moments like this are just one of the many ways that our teachers and staff are integrating college preparatory material and skills throughout their teaching and time with their students.

For those of us who might be feeling a little rusty on our Texas history, we invite you to take a walk through the museum and try out your own sentence summary skills!