Texas Bank & Trust 2019-2020 Student Board of Directors

Congratulations to these 11 Brook Hill seniors selected for Texas Bank and Trust 2019-2020 Student Board of Directors!


Rachel Berkley, Flor El Hay, Andrew Gragg, Kegan Gunter, Tai Le, Natalie Leal Blanco, Chloe Martin, Laurel Reed, David Roberts, Angela Rodriguez-Lopez, and Caroline Welty will join with other students from the Tyler area to participate in the TB&T Student Board of Directors local program.

The Student Board program is designed to introduce students to banking and money management at a critical point in their lives, and provide them with the essential economic building blocks to earning, spending, saving, and investing money. The students will be challenged this year in an Olympic-inspired competition, entitled THE 411 FINANCIAL CHALLENGE. This innovative TBT program will take the students through a series of head-to-head, high-spirited games to test their knowledge of budgeting, savings, investing, and professional development. Students will also serve as advisors to the bank on youth financial literacy programming throughout the year.

Established in 1978, Student Board remains the bank’s first and most enduring financial literacy program. Since its inception, the Student Board has introduced more than 2,400 high school seniors to banking and money management.

Students were selected based on their grade point average, extra-curricular activities, and afterschool work activities. Students must submit an essay with their application as well as two letters of recommendation from either a faculty member or administrator to be considered for the program. Students accepted into the 2019 Student Board program were notified in late May.

For information on how to participate in the 2020-2021 Student Board program, students in their junior year of high school may contact Assistant Vice President Abigail Duty at (903) 579-8141.

We’re proud of the way our students pursue learning through community opportunities like this!