Our Upper School Media Class has been hard at work preparing for the TAPPS Short Film Competition that takes place in Spring 2020.


With a group of students passionate about storytelling and curious about using media to connect with others, Brook Hill media class students have been challenged to work in small groups this semester to develop short films for competition.

Students were allowed to choose between the following three categories: documentary, a narrative film, or an animated stop motion film. The class split into groups with those who had a similar interest and began brainstorming their ideas.

Teacher Jereme Hubbard walked students through the process of determining their goal and then creatively deciding how to communicate that. Students had to think through the details of how they wanted to present their story, and who might be best at everything from interviewing to filming the shots. For this class, they’re learning what goes into seeing a story come to life and that’s teaching both technical skills and thinking skills as students critically process how to communicate.

Though most of these students haven’t had the official opportunity to create a film, almost all have participated in filming through social media stories and personal projects on their own devices. We’re excited to see natural curiosity and talent collide with learning the technical side of film making and are looking forward to watching the stories our students are excited to tell.

Classes like this are so important to us because they expose students to activities and skills that they might not have considered otherwise. We’re hoping to stoke their passion for learning, and also equip them with tangible experiences that will help them in college and beyond!