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Brook Hill Track & Field continues to reach new heights while breaking school and
district records each year.

What is Track and Field?

  • It isn’t just about running around a circle
  • It’s a sport that challenges you to push yourself to achieve a goal.
  • Keyword is yourself. With the exception of relays, the only person responsible for your results is you. The team concept is that each of you will have the responsibility of earning points for your team, which means your teammates need you and you all need one another.  How hard will you work to get better for your team?
  • Track and field is both an individual and team sport. The way for a team to earn points is based on each individual’s effort. The top performances earn the points for the teams.  Most meets take the top 6 to 8 performers in each event.  If you can make it into the top 8, you can earn points for the team. While each place earns a different amount of points, even an 8th place finish can be a determining factor.

What is practice like?

  • Dynamic Warm-up and Stretch
  • Throwers will report to their throwing coach and begin their workout
  • Sprinters will report to their sprint coach (100m, 200m, 400m)
    • We will focus on explosive exercises, sprint mechanics, and workouts geared towards improving speed and speed endurance for the 100m, 200m, 400m, 4×100, 4×400.
    • Sprinters sprint and do not run distance workouts.
  • Mid-distance will report to their distance coach (800m, 1600m, 3200m)
    • We will focus on both muscle endurance exercises, distance mechanics, and workouts geared building endurance. Speed is still an important component and will be included at the end of some workouts.
  • Hurdlers will work with the Sprinters on most days (100H, 110H, 300H)
    • We will focus on speed and speed endurance, hurdle mechanics, and workouts geared toward the 100H/110H and 300H. Mechanics are the main focus for hurdle events as technique plays such a major part. Working on mechanics will be a major part of workouts.  A more technical runner sometimes can beat a fast runner in the hurdle events.
  • Jumpers (Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump)
    • Long Jumpers and Triple Jumpers will work on speed and jump mechanics. Many jumpers are sprinters but not always the case. On our jump days we will work jumping before our running workouts.
    • High Jumpers will spend a bit more time working on mechanics and plyometric exercises to improve explosiveness.
  • Duration: Practice will typically last an hour and half. The shortest day would be an hour and the longest day would be two hours.  Some days will require longer rest intervals than others which effects the total duration of practice.

How can track and field help you?

  • Track and field is a compliment to all sports as it works on coordination, explosiveness, endurance, speed, and mental toughness. At some point each of those components are necessary in sports across the board.  Many of you boys and girls will become young men and women on the track.  You have to be in tune with yourself and face yourself in the mirror many times during the season.  Once you realize that you have total control of your success you will begin to mature and do things that will help you progress and do away with things that will not. This will carry over into everyday life.


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