Unlocking Potential: 7 Reasons to Invest in Private Christian Education for Your Family

Life is expensive, and it’s not getting any cheaper. As you consider the best educational environment for your children, that might leave you wondering,

“Is private school really worth it?” 

At Brook Hill, we understand the doubt and skepticism that surround this question. All of us, at one time or another, have to evaluate what we want out of the school environment we are choosing to influence our kids the 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 10 months a year they spend away from us.

That leads us to ask another question:

“How is Brook Hill shaping and forming our children?”

Brook Hill believes in shaping not just students’ educational paths but also fostering an environment that nurtures character, self-advocacy, and a Christ-centered worldview. Here are the top 7 reasons why private Christian education at Brook Hill is a worthwhile investment in your family’s future.

Christ-Centered Worldview

Education at Brook Hill is more than just academic; it’s about shaping a Christ-centered worldview. Our commitment to instilling conservative Christian family values provides students with a foundation that influences their decisions, actions, and perspectives throughout their lives.


College Preparatory Excellence

At Brook Hill, academic outcomes are not just about getting into college; they are about preparing students for a lifetime of success. With small class sizes, over 29 AP and Dual Credit classes, and a 100% college acceptance rate, our curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire, ensuring that students not only gain admission but thrive in their collegiate pursuits.

Community and Values

“It takes a village” holds true at Brook Hill. Our community of like-minded families fosters an environment where students develop a strong moral compass and character. By being surrounded by individuals who share Christian family values, students are guided toward defining who they will become and the principles they will uphold.


Character Development, Self-Advocacy, and Confidence

We understand that education is not just about what students learn but who they become. Brook Hill places a strong emphasis on character development, self-advocacy, and confidence-building, creating the building blocks for lifelong success in an ever-changing world.


Relationship-Driven Faculty

Our teachers are not only experts in their field (nearly 70% of our upper school faculty have a master’s degree or higher); they are also fully invested in the lives of our students. Relationships are a core value of our coaches, administrative staff, and classroom teachers and they take extra care to know each student individually and help them find their passions, grow their gifts, and pursue them to the glory of God.

Safety and Peace of Mind

At Brook Hill, safety is a top priority. Parents should never worry about where their children are dropped off and our goal is to give them back to you each day better than they were before. Our secure environment provides peace of mind, allowing families to focus on the growth and development of their children without the distractions of safety concerns.


Well-Rounded Environment

Sports and the arts play a crucial role in a well-rounded education. Brook Hill not only encourages students to excel in their chosen athletic and artistic pursuits but also provides a Christ-centered environment for growth and achievement. It’s not just about playing at a competitive level; it’s about nurturing talents within the framework of our shared values.

The decision regarding your children’s education is a pivotal one. We firmly believe that our approach to private Christian education goes beyond textbooks, preparing students not only for academic success but for a lifetime of purpose and fulfillment. Choosing Brook Hill is not just an investment in education; it’s an investment in the growth, well-being, and future of your family. Join us at Brook Hill and invest in a future where your family’s values and potential thrive!


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