Veterans’ Chapel

In honor of Veterans Day this week, we celebrated those who have served in our nation’s military in Chapel. Veterans from WWII, Vietnam, Korea, and others joined our middle and upper school students for a ceremony in honor of their service and sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today. We also remembered those who are currently serving in the armed forces to preserve and maintain that freedom. We were also blessed to hear a special address from Brigadier General James L. Anderson from the Vietnam War.

General Anderson, rather than sharing his many accomplishments and accolades during his service in the armed forces, shared about his childhood as an orphan and how God used those experiences to prepare him for his “real” work in Vietnam: serving at an orphanage near his residing city. General Anderson shared the trauma and difficulties of these orphans and how God gave him the privilege of helping and serving these children in their hour of need. He then challenged our students to look for ways God is preparing them for the work of his Kingdom in this world. What an encouragement!

Following chapel, students greeted the veterans, and then the veterans toured the American Freedom Museum on our campus.

General Anderson will also give the keynote address for the dedication of our new Helicopter Exhibit at the American Freedom Museum this Saturday, November 8th, at 10 AM. Please come and enjoy the festivities of the day as we also hear music from our cadet singers and orchestra.

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