Walk Thru the Bible (The Old Testament That Is..)

From the desk of Dr. Ward:

MS students traveled through time and space today – walking through the people, places, and events of the Old Testament.

Jon Polk, a minister from Waco, TX and presenter for Walk Thru the Bible, led our students through the Walk Thru the Bible OT Live seminar.

Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words, check out these pictures and video.

[wpvideo 26KMlVb5]

WalkThruBible(TA)-1 WalkThruBible(TA)-2 WalkThruBible(TA)-5 WalkThruBible(TA)-6 WalkThruBible(TA)-15 WalkThruBible(TA)-19 WalkThruBible(TA)-20 WalkThruBible(TA)-27 WalkThruBible(TA)-35 WalkThruBible(TA)-53