We Would Love Your Feedback


From the desk of Tony Welty, Director of Finance & Operations:

One of the great features of our new relationship with Flik Independent Dining Services is the existence of a Customer Feedback Survey built into Brook Hill’s website. The survey can be accessed by either going directly to http://myschooldining.com/brookhill or clicking on the ‘Parents & Alumni’ tab on Brook Hill’s Home Page, then clicking on ‘Lunch Menu.’ Once on the My School Dining page, simple scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “Comments” section.

Your feedback on this survey is routed directly to Flik’s Regional Manager, Jerry Pagos, who oversees and directs the work of our own Chef Manager and kitchen staff to ensure Brook Hill receives consistently high-quality food and outstanding service.

As Brook Hill continues to grow and develop as a school community, clear and consistent communication becomes even more important as we strive to encourage and enjoy being in community with one another. When you have a few minutes, I invite you to visit Brook Hill’s My School Dining page and let us know what you think!