Welcome Week for boarding students a success

The Boarding Community is off and running. we had a great Welcome Week to kick off the new school year.

Brand new students began arriving Thursday, August 8th and were taken through a number of orientation sessions and activities to get them Brook Hill ready (pictured).
They were followed by returning students on Saturday the 10th, for a total of 114 boarding students this year, from 30 different countries. New countries include Serbia, Bermuda, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Two amazing moms of boarding girls, Mrs. Ofuokwu and Mrs. Omenai, commandeered the Brook Hill kitchen for three hours and prepared a special dinner for our kids Tuesday night, including jollof rice, fried rice with chicken drum sticks and spicy spaghetti (pictured). It was a huge hit among the kids. Saturday night saw a Back to School Bash with competitions and prizes, while Sunday night brought a big Lawn Party on the Hill at the Village, complete with Kona Ice and a 100 foot slip ‘n’ slide (pictured).

Please make a point to get to know and welcome this exciting group of young men and women who bring so much life to our campus.