What is the “Campus Life Block”?

From the Desk of Dr. Stan Ward, Director of Campus Life and Ministry:

On Mondays – Fridays, the MS and US students’ schedules include a “Campus Life Block.” The block allows for students to hear announcements for the week, get with teachers for extra help, attend chapel and small groups, and experience pep rallies, clubs, and other special events.

The campus life block occurs at the same time every day from 10:45am – 11:10am (well, almost every day, as some special events require special schedules).

Our weekly schedule is as follows:

Monday – Homeroom. During this time, students meet in mixed-gender, grade-level small groups to hear announcements for the week and other grade-level activities.

Tuesday – ACE. Sponsored by the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), students with a 75 or below are required to meet with teachers for additional tutoring. Teachers are also available for students who need to make up quizzes or simply have a question about homework.

Wednesday – Chapel. This year’s chapel program changes weekly. Each week has a different focus, including listening to speakers, worshiping through singing, watching a video, or listening to fellow students.

Thursday – Advisory. Our advisory program allows for same-gender, grade-level small groups to discuss the previous day’s chapel program, looking for ways to apply God’s truths to their lives.

Friday – Varies. Some weeks feature student-led clubs. Other weeks feature pep rallies and special programs.

I’m excited about this year’s campus life block and the potential it has to help shape our students both socially and spiritually. If you have any questions about campus life and ministry at The Brook Hill School, please send me an email: [email protected]


Dr. Ward