From the desk of Wally Dawkins, Athletic Director:


Have you ever looked out on to the practice field…or the court…and asked yourself that question?

The answer can either give a parent confidence or create anxiety for moms and dads who understand that their child’s coach can be of great influence in the life of their teenager.

Have you ever been in this situation?  You drop your son or daughter off for practice, and you decide to hang around awhile to see how things go.  As you arrive you also noticed a coach showing up for practice, and you decide to introduce yourself.  After the normal exchange of pleasantries, the inquisitive, concerned, imploring side of you takes over and you find the courage to ask the question.

“Well tell me a little about yourself, like what qualifications you have to coach this sport, and what your coaching experience is overall”.

There. You did it.  You finally got up enough nerve to ask this guy (or gal), just what it is in their background that makes them the right person to coach your child.

Many times, in private schools, the answer might not be what you were expecting. Or what you wanted to hear.

The coach’s reply could like this:

“Well I played in high school, until I quit my senior year, and since I am now taking night classes to become a computer programmer, I had some spare time in the afternoon after my morning job at Best Buy to come out and try some plays I’ve been working on.  AND, I really need the $800 stipend the school has offered me to coach. But, I might end up having to quit next week because my grades are not going well, so this could be only a part time stint for me.  But one of the parents has already said they could take over if I did have to leave”.

Many, or should I say, most private schools employ coaching staff who might give similar responses.

But not at Brook Hill. 

At Brook Hill, 19 of the 21 coaches on campus are full time employees.  They are teachers, administrators, or full time staff members who invest their days in the lives of our children.  All of our coaches at Brook Hill are Christian men or women, who have proven backgrounds in coaching.  5 of our coaches have OVER 35 years’ experience.

Many of our coaches have won state championships, coached at the collegiate level, or have been involved with teams who have been highly successful.

All of our coaches are certified in CPR, First Aid, and have passed proficiency tests in their coaching area regarding rules, safety, and strategies.

All of our coaches at Brook Hill acknowledge the sanctity of Jesus Christ;  that he alone is our Lord and Savior, and they foster an environment that promotes Christ-like behavior.

Our coaches mentor our athletes daily, while not only encouraging but demanding academic excellence.

The coaching staff at Brook Hill could possibly be one of the most experienced, successful, and committed staffs in the state of Texas.  It is the best staff of coaches, men and women, that I have ever been associated with.

So the next time you hear someone say “Oh it really doesn’t matter who the coach is”…set the record straight.

If you are going to allow your son or daughter to spend 15-20 hours a week with a coach, then one of the Brook Hill Guard Coaches is who you should trust you’re most prized possession with.

As the Athletic Director at Brook Hill, I am committed to employing full time coaches who will be the type of example, expert in his or her field, and Christian influence that your child needs in their life.  

Is there such a thing as a good part time coach?  Of course there is.  At Brook Hill however, our coaches are with your kids all day every day, and have set the right priorities for themselves and their athletes.