An alumnus gives back

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

Timothy Ballard, ’05, is spearheading a Pond Reclamation project at Brook Hill. Timothy is an architect with A. Gruppo Architects in the Dallas area and is assisting with the plans for the new Fine Arts Building. While home at Christmas, he shared his ideas for another project: restoring the pond above the Herrington Stadium. After a discussion with his father, Glenn Ballard – Director of Fine Arts for Brook Hill, they decided this could be a great senior project for the class of ’17. Mr. Ballard, Mr. Bunger and Mr. Dement are the advisors for senior boys, and they put out the word regarding the project. The plans are beautiful and all that’s needed is an investment of manpower and time. Mr. Dement expressed the hope this might be the start of a powerful, new tradition for Brook Hill, a Senior Legacy Project.  And, how appropriate an alum should bring the idea for this project!  Thank you, Timothy, for continuing to support Brook Hill through your talents and your time.