Honoring Alumni Veterans at The Brook Hill School


From the Desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

Thank you Brook Hill Alumni for your service to our country! Celebrating our country’s veterans this weekend reminds us of the former students of Brook Hill who chose to serve our country. Our gratitude goes out to:

Scott Roark, ’02 – Air Force

Brittney Tellez Lindberg, ‘03 – Navy

Matthew Skillern, ’04 – Army

Eric Kennedy, ’05 – Marines

Chris Scheel, ’06 – Army

Vic Robles, ’06 – Navy

Joe Fryman, ’07 – Marines

Gretchen Puffer Gosselin, ’08 – Air Force

Luke Molidor, ’09 – Air Force

Angie Tarrango, ’09 – Navy

And while we are serving up gratitude, thank you to these two who are serving now:

Guk Yeong Chang (Gordon), ’11 – Army

Jared Dickey. ’12 – Marines

Thank you for honoring your call to duty and serving to protect America and its people and principles. We also have spouses of alumni and many other relatives of our students who have proudly served and we thank you so much. We realize your efforts have allowed us to worship God freely, attend Christian schools, and practice our beliefs openly. For that we are so grateful.