We are not a basketball program; we are a basketball family. Why is family such an important part of what we do? It’s easy. Your family has your back when things are bad, and celebrates you when things are going well. Even when times are tough, family sticks together. So we are a family. A family that stands together and faces the ups and downs of a basketball season and all that goes with it!

Our Mission

“It is the mission of the Lady Guard Basketball Program to offer student-athletes the opportunity to compete in an environment that supports the highest levels of commitment, personal growth, respect, integrity, excellence, and above all, Christ. We are committed to being an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a high-quality basketball experience to every athlete.”

The Lady Guard basketball program uses the game of basketball to reinforce Christian beliefs and life lessons. The coaching staff feels that the game of basketball, and athletics in general, can teach young athletes about the ideas of hard work, determination, teamwork and humility. The goal of the Lady Guard basketball program is to push our athletes to levels they did not know they could achieve both physically and mentally.

Coach Jereme Hubbard enters his second season as the Head Coach of the Lady Guard basketball program. In addition to coaching our basketball team, he also is an assistant coach in the football and softball programs. Coach Hubbard is married to his wife, Tiffany, who also works at Brook Hill. Together they have three children, the oldest of which graduated from Brook Hill, and the youngest two still attend Brook Hill. “Brook Hill is not just a place where we work, it is a place we call home. Not only do we feel that Brook Hill has a commitment to excellence in athletics, we have first hand experience what it can do for students. Our children have been well prepared for college and have grown spiritually and emotionally because of the people and the environment on our campus. So while we want our student-athletes to be successful in their individual sports, we want them to grow spiritually and emotionally in ways that they cannot grow anywhere else. That’s what you get at Brook Hill.”

As the team enters it’s second season under Coach Hubbard, defense remains at the top of the list of things you can expect from this team. “This year’s team is extremely athletic. I feel as if our athleticism is one area that we greatly improved from last year to this year. We have a long way to go in some areas, but our ability to pressure opposing offenses and force turnovers is going to help us out tremendously.” Hubbard also believes that the strong bond between his players will have a huge impact on the product you see on the floor. “I have challenged this year’s group to use the love they have for each other and let it spill out on the floor. As we talk about family and what it means to be a family, one of the key components is that you do not want to let down the people you care about. When everyone wants to play for the people around them, it makes you a lot better as a team.”

Joining Coach Hubbard on staff are assistant coaches Billie Walley and Alex Essary.

“Obviously when you have turnover on the coaching staff, you wonder how it will affect team chemistry and the basketball program in general. I have been very fortunate to have two extremely talented coaches join our staff this season. Coach Walley has been a long-time coach in multiple sports and I know I can lean on her for advice personally, but I also know she can handle the adversity and challenges that a season can bring. Our girls will definitely be able to lean on her for advice in a number of areas,” says Hubbard. “Not only did we add Coach Walley to the mix, but adding Coach Essary is a huge addition! She has stepped in already and committed herself to making sure our middle school programs are getting better each day. I am excited about what she brings to the table!”

The Lady Guard basketball team has gotten off to a strong start to the season, albeit without a number of starters due to injury, other sports and holiday travel. The Lady Guard picks up action again after Thanksgiving on Tuesday, November 30 in Laneville. Their next home game is Tuesday, December 7 against Cumberland Academy.

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Coaching Staff


Jereme Hubbard

Teacher - Sports Management (US) | Head Girls Basketball Coach | Assistant Football Coach | Sports Information Director | Community Service Director
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