College Student Safety and Awareness

On Monday during the Senior Seminar class, Mr. Bobby Brasher, Dean of Students and Director of Campus Security taught a priceless lesson on what it means to be safe as a college student.

In just a few short months, our seniors will be scattered on different college campuses all over the United States. Their familiar world of Brook Hill will be thing of the past, and they must acclimate themselves to a completely new setting. As a culture, we have seen a rise in violent crimes, many of which involve young adults. While not all crime can be stopped, Mr. Brasher gave profound, practical advice on how to cut down the odds of vulnerability and being a target.

Mr. Brasher took our seniors through an interactive presentation that covered a wide-range of topics and examples for staying safe in the college world.

Click here to see the power point presentation for a more in-depth overview of their safety lesson.