During Middle School students are navigating new social situations, their peer groups are shifting and they’re learning what it looks like to be a good friend.


Seeking to provide a holistic approach to growth and education, we work hard as educators and school staff to help our students cultivate healthy relationships. One of the ways we do this on our Middle School campus is to encourage social experiences where they’re able to interact with peers who might not be in their grade level or class all while having fun. Practically for us, this means that instead of school dances for our Middle Schoolers, we host socials several times a year!

These experiences are opportunities for us to have fun as a school, to do activities alongside others, and to engage with members of the opposite sex or those outside our immediate friend group in a casual way. We want our Middle School campus to feel united and safe for our students.

This week our Middle School staff hosted a “Movie Night” social where students played laser tag on teams outside and then watched a movie complete with popcorn and the opportunity to relax as the semester wraps up!

We believe that students look forward to learning when they feel safe and welcomed at school. Because of this, it’s our mission not only to provide an excellent education but to provide every opportunity possible for our students to grow and learn as individuals, and in their community!

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