As our entrepreneurship students continue to develop their products, they had the opportunity to connect with local business leaders and receive feedback on their proposed products.


Building upon last semester’s design process and product pitches, our students have been challenged at the next phase of entrepreneurship. This past week, each team had the opportunity to present their product again with the hope of being approved and receiving the funds to build their prototype.

Each team presented market research, financial reports, and a thorough analysis of what they would need to make their product a reality while the Board of selected advisors listened and graded each product on feasibility and product worth.

Following their pitches, the students were faced with questions from the board which gave them a tangible look at what it’s like to interact with executive team members and stakeholders during the product development process. They were also requesting funds for prototype testing and building, which were awarded pending the boards’ approval following each pitch.

Students will now take the feedback given by the board and use this information to build their prototype and then move forward with testing their product with each respective target market prior to their final pitch in front of investors later this spring. This experience is giving them the hands-on opportunity to strengthen their financial planning skills, creativity, ability to communicate ideas and vision, as well as articulate specifics in front of executives and industry leaders.

A special thanks to the following people, Michelle Rozell, Tony Welty, Matt Morris, Meredith McClung, Scott Attebery, Stuart Morrow, and Davlin King who serve on our Board of Advisors for providing feedback and direction to our students as they hone their product.