As our fall semester comes to a close we’re reflecting on all of the hard work our students have put in to prepare for life after Brook Hill through the college application process.


One of the ways we seek to practically equip our students as they go through the application process is by providing opportunities for them to network with a variety of college representatives! Over 27 colleges have been represented at Brook Hill since August and we will continue to welcome representatives next semester as well.

By hosting university representatives on our campus, we’re allowing all of our Upper School students to have the opportunity and exposure to schools. Students are encouraged to meet with the visiting universities during their breaks and specific seminars on campus. This provides an opportunity for an in-person connection and gives our students a feel for each university without an official visit (which we encourage our students to do as well.)

In addition to hosting representatives, we offer a College Ambassador program as a way for our students to develop their networking, hosting, and communication skills. Currently, 27 students (grades 9-12) serve as College Ambassadors.

The job description for the college ambassador position is as follows: Serve as an ambassador to meet and greet college representatives when they visit Brook Hill, helping them feel welcome and making sure students know the admissions representatives are on campus and available to answer any and all questions. All 9th-12th grade students are welcome to apply for a College Ambassador position. If you are interested in applying you can contact our Academic College Counselor, Celia Tucker at

Brook Hill loves to welcome college representatives to campus. One of our students Mason York, had a “You Have Been Admitted” photo opportunity with our Louisiana Tech Admissions Representative when he was on campus recently and Winston Hebert’s college acceptance was celebrated via this fun video. As our seniors are being accepted to schools we feature those accomplishments and want to support the effort and dedication that they have put into the rigorous process of applying for college!

We want to create an environment where our students feel excited to consider their future and are given every means possible to navigate that with wisdom and counsel. Seniors 2020 are completing applications and colleges are saying, “Choose Us!”