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We Prepare Students for College, but Also For Life


As a private, Christian day and boarding school in Texas, Brook Hill’s diverse student body will challenge you to work with others. Our faculty at Brook Hill prepares students to excel academically and study at the college and university level. We emphasize three pillars: Education, Potential, and Character. We are more than students, athletes, and artists. We are a community using and discovering our gifts, talents, and abilities to engage God’s world.






As a college preparatory day and boarding school, Brook Hill cultivates students’ minds to think critically and creatively so that they are equipped to engage God’s world, not only in Tyler, Texas but around the globe.




Because Brook Hill is a private school, our smaller classes and individualized instruction help students discover what they’re good at and what they enjoy. We help students realize that potential as they grow into well-rounded individuals.




Being a Christian school doesn’t mean we sacrifice excellence or that we merely say a prayer at the beginning of class. The Christian worldview permeates everything we do at Brook Hill.



Brook Hill is The Premier Christian Day & Boarding School of East Texas.


Our beautiful 280 acre campus is nestled in Bullard, just south of Tyler, TX and north of Jacksonville, TX. We enroll students in Grades PreK-12 in our Day School and 8th-12th in our Boarding School.






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Lower School

The Brook Hill Lower School houses grades Pre-K through 5th. There are many options for elementary school in Tyler, Texas and the surrounding area, but our small class sizes, focused on individual needs to prepare students for college, sets our private school apart.

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Middle School

At the Brook Hill Middle School, our mission is simple: Prepare students for college and for life. We accomplish this through academic rigor, caring faculty, and a nurturing environment that keeps the Christian worldview front and center.

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Upper School

The faculty and staff at our upper school work diligently to prepare each student for the next level of their education, leading to success in college and beyond. As a Christian school, we strive to create a culture of genuine love and care.

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Boarding School

Brook Hill is a college-prep, Christian boarding school in Texas. You will learn and even live with students from around the world and have the opportunity to travel the globe - all while studying at a Christian school right here in Tyler, Texas.

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Our mission at Brook Hill is to provide excellence in college preparatory education, affirm the gifts and challenge the potential of each student, and encourage students to honor God through Christ-like character.





General Patton’s grandson at Brook Hill for the ETX Salute

May 19,

The Brook Hill School was honored to host the grandson of General George S. Patton, Jr. this past weekend. George Patton Waters, from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, was the keynote speaker for the 2017 East Texas Salute event. At a dinner in his honor on Friday evening, Mr. Waters shared personal stories about his grandfather. […]

Judge Jim Gunter comes to debate class to critique a mock trial

May 19,

Arguments about the law were front and center in Kenna Kempton’s speech and debate classes Monday and Tuesday. Each class presented evidence in mock trials before Retired Judge Jim Gunter and Brook Hill Chemistry Teacher and Practicing Attorney Christie Gunter Adams. Each case had a plaintiff, defendant, and witnesses as well as a prosecutor and […]

Don’t miss out on camp. Sign up today!

May 19,

We are so excited to have Camp in the City at Brook Hill for a second year. Camp is a place where people start a journey. After five days with some of the most fun and exciting college students in the country, your child will be energized for the upcoming year and ready for their […]

Fourth Grade and the Brook Hill Lower School

May 19,

From the Desk of Sandra Fritcher, Lower School Principal: This week continues the explanations about certain grades at the Lower School. Jeanette Ponce and Laurie Dawkins work with fourth graders each day all year long, and they love doing so. Holly Savage and Paula Bickerstaff teach fifth graders each day all year long, and they […]

It takes a village

May 19,

From the desk of Shawn Rhoads, Director of Residence Life: A boarding student’s day starts with a greeting from their House Parent as they leave their boarding home early in the morning. From there, they may go to The Cabin for a cup of coffee and be greeted and served by either Mrs. Lambert or […]

To the Class of 2017

May 19,

From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster (on the morning of Senior Breakfast to the graduating class of 2017): Seniors, if you have not noticed, the adults in your life are feeling very nostalgic right now.  They are having thoughts like: It was just a minute ago that I holding them on my lap. It […]

Seniors go back to Kindergarten again for a day

May 19,

On Thursday, members of the senior class spent the afternoon remembering their kindergarten days in a fun way. Students were treated to a Happy Meal, followed by moving through six centers. In the science center, the students planted a marigold flower and decorated the pot for their moms. The dress up center was a lot […]