4th Grade Animal Projects

Fourth graders are studying animals and their behaviors in science.  Each student was assigned an animal which they researched in the library.  Students were tasked to find out the habitat, animal group, diet, predators, adaptations and consequences if their animal suddenly became extinct.  The information was creatively displayed on a legal sized folder.  Then, the students made a model or portrait of their animal from materials that were recently alive. Their creativity was amazing! See for yourself.

4thAnimalProject(TA)-1 4thAnimalProject(TA)-2 4thAnimalProject(TA)-3 4thAnimalProject(TA)-4 4thAnimalProject(TA)-5 4thAnimalProject(TA)-6 4thAnimalProject(TA)-7 4thAnimalProject(TA)-8 4thAnimalProject(TA)-9 4thAnimalProject(TA)-10 4thAnimalProject(TA)-11 4thAnimalProject(TA)-12