Gifts of Holiday Cheer Grandparents Highlights


The Lowrances

In the spirit of Gifts of Holiday Cheer, we’d like to highlight some of the grandparents who make our community outstanding!

To start it off, we’d like you to meet Alvin & Nancy Lowrance! Alvin and Nancy are Emma Miller’s grandparents. Emma is a 5th grader at our Lower School! She LOVES Brook Hill and is involved in Cadet Singers and Stories to Stage Drama Club. We hear that Emma is MOST excited that her new baby sister will join her at Brook Hill…in 5 years!

The Lowrances love the Christian atmosphere that Brook Hill provides for their granddaughter and when we asked them their favorite BH memory they recalled the first time they visited Brook Hill, and the answer is too sweet not to share!

“There are so many great memories but one stands out. When we visited Brook Hill for the first time we were overcome with the friendliness of the staff and the overall Christian atmosphere that engulfed our emotions. That initial experience has been consistently displayed as we attend academic and social events.” – Alvin & Nancy

The Harveys

To know them is to love them, meet Dean and Julie Harvey! The Harvey’s are a pillar of our Brook Hill community and they have not one, not two, but SEVEN grandchildren at BH.

One of Dean & Julie’s favorite memories from their experience at Brook Hill was in fact Grandparents Day! “Each year, Grandparents Day is such a memorable event. One year, every student circled around the gym and the guests to sing 10,000 Reasons. It brought tears to my eyes!” – Julie Harvey 

The Harvey’s give so generously to Brook Hill because they believe in the mission of Brook Hill!  “We are blessed and want to share our blessings. Brook Hill has provided a great place for our grandchildren to learn, to mature, and be ready for the world.” -Dean Harvey

Brett Lee, Emma, Brady, Keaton, Kendall, Kamryn, and Karsyn are super involved across campus – in everything from cheer and volleyball to drama and bracelet club! And you can typically find Dean & Julie on the front row, cheering them on!

“Brook Hill is a special place for not only our girls, but our entire family.  We have met many new friends that are now like family to us also. We encourage others to get involved! Go to Chapel, go to games, go to things that interest you. You will be blessed!” – Dean & Julie

The Durretts

We’d like you to meet Dennis & Cynthia Durrett! Dennis and Cynthia are grandparents to Von Dawson ‘23 and Gracie Dawson ‘24. Von and Gracie have both attended Brook Hill since Pre-K and Kindergarten through their Senior year!

“We have watched them develop confidence in their Christian beliefs as well as becoming well rounded in their accomplishments whether it be academics, fine arts, or sports. They have developed life long friendships during the process. We truly believe The Brook Hill School has been a blessing for our whole family and thank God for guiding Mr. Dement in carrying out his vision.” -Dennis & Cynthia

We agree!!! When we asked Dennis and Cynthia what their favorite aspect of the Brook Hill community is they mentioned the “Christian atmosphere, and the guidance they receive from the faculty and staff to achieve the best of their ability, putting God first and foremost!”

“We hope and pray that they continue to strive for excellence in whatever they attempt, keeping God at the center as they have been taught at Brook Hill. We also pray that they will remain the good spiritual leaders they have become!” -Dennis & Cynthia

We are so grateful that the Lowrances, the Harveys, and the Durretts are a part of our BH community! Make your Gifts of Holiday Cheer donation today! Send your grandchild(ren) a special Christmas blessing this year by participating in Gifts of Holiday Cheer! Find out more and make your gift at