Alumni Success – Double the Good News!

Luke and John Clardy

Luke and John Clardy

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

Twin brothers, Luke and John Clardy, class of 2010, chose to attend Pepperdine University and left for California the summer after graduation.  I’m sure it was because the school colors were blue and orange!  Or, maybe it was the scholarship offers.  Both young men received top scholarships and maintained the necessary grade point average to keep those scholarship dollars all four years!  They are now in their final semester at Pepperdine and will graduate in May with Economics Degrees.   Making the most of every opportunity, they both spent the second year of college studying abroad.  John was in Germany both semesters, and Luke was in Argentina for a semester then Germany.

Luke and John are discussing the future after Pepperdine, but have not made any definite plans.  If their time at Brook Hill and Pepperdine are any indications, they will be highly successful in whatever they choose.  We do expect to see them back in East Texas for a bit after graduation to again join the family on the campaign trail for reelection for their father, Travis Clardy, State Representative for District 11.  Interestingly enough, Rep. Clardy was appointed to serve on the Higher Education Committee for the state!  He certainly does have experience in that field.

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