BH Places 2nd at TAPPS Academic Meet

Brook Hill TAPPS Academic Team placed second overall in the district meet last weekend! Our students represented Brook Hill well, and demonstrated academic excellence. Please see the list of our students awards below:

Elise Hawkins – 1st place in Ready Writing

Nikki Evans – 2nd place in Science

Cowboy Xie – 3rd place in Science

Allie Childers – 2nd place in Prose Interpretation

Jake Anderson – 2nd place in Current Events

Chipper Adams – 3rd place in Current Events

Yulong He – 4th place in Number Sense

Cowboy Xie – 2nd place in Calculator

Christine Lu – 4th place in Calculator

Daniel Choi – 3rd place in Advanced Math

Matthew Kimball – 3rd place in Social Studies

Val Allen – 4th place in Social Studies

Anna Cool – 3rd place in Original Oratory

Cynthia Cherng – 1st place in Mathematics

Nate Li – 3rd place in Mathematics

In addition, please congratulate the following students who contributed to our overall team award by placing in the top 6:

Lily Cool – 6th place in Ready Writing

Wei Lin – 5th place in Science

Kelsey Kilgore – 6th place in Prose Interpretation

Samuel Willis – 5th place in Spelling

Wei Lin – 6th place in Calculator

Yulong He – 5th place in Advanced Math

Nikki Evans – 6th place in Advanced Math

Allie Childers – 5th place in Solo Acting

Nikki Evans – 5th place in Spanish

Kelsey Kilgore – 5th place in Duet Acting

Kyle Webb – 5th place in Duet Acting

Allie Childers – 5th place in Poetry Interpretation

Cowboy Xie – 5th place in Mathematics