Community Helpers

Pre-k and Kindergarten have been learning about community helpers and what they do for our community. To help our students understand, Bullard Firemen, Policemen, and ETMC Paramedics came to our Lower School Campus Friday morning for a visit.

Jennifer Haugh, Kindergarten Teacher, organizes this annual event. “I believe it’s important for the students to know how to call 911, why to call 911, and what happens when you call 911.  Plus the smoke house is an amazing tool to teach the students what to do in case of a fire.  The Firefighters are very helpful during this drill and the kids learn a lot of great safety tips.  The police brought their dog this year, which is new this year, the kids enjoyed watching him work and asked some great questions.”

Piper, a Kindergarten student said her favorite part was the smokehouse and enjoyed “seeing the dog do tricks.”

Jennifer hopes the students “walk away with knowledge about what community helpers do, who they are and some great safety tips as well.”

“Bullard is our community, and we love our local community helpers.  How cool is if for the kids to see one the firefighters, police officers or EMTs out in the community and know that they came to our school for Community Helper’s Day.”

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