Cross Country Hosts First Meet

Brook Hill hosted it’s first ever cross country meet this past Saturday at the American Warrior Run and it was a huge success.

Several runners from Brook Hill medaled, including Chasca Ortega (3rd place overall in Varsity Guys), Heather McLarry (4th place overall in Varsity Girls), Kayla Dahn (9th place overall in Middle School Girls), Olivia Kim (13th place overall in Middle School Girls) and Josh Collins (3rd place overall in Middle School Boys). Several runners also set new personal records! The team will travel to Le Tourneau University this coming weekend to improve on their already successful start.

Elliott Middleton Heather McLarry Middle School Boys Middle School Girls Kali Burrow and Heather McLarry at the start Varsity Guys Nathanael Dahn


High School Team includes:

Kali Burrow

Jacee Callens

Hayden Hommel

Minchan Jeong

Heather McLarry

Rush McLarry

Elliott Middleton

Chasca Ortega

Justin Powell

Andrew Shaw

Claire Smith

Ruby Timmons

Brady Washburn

Ling Yue Zhu


Middle School Team includes:

Callie Bailey

Josh Baker

Brady Callens

Colton Carson

Josh Collins

Kayla Dahn

Nathanael Dahn

Olivia Kim