during covid-19, we are offering a hybrid distance learning program for students who have may have extended absences due to the virus. this is your home base for all your distance learning needs.


At the core of Brook Hill’s approach to distance learning is the belief that we should think differently about our priorities when responding to challenging circumstances, and we should embrace opportunities for students to learn in new, meaningful ways.

This website is intended to help students and parents achieve successful learning outcomes through Brook Hill’s distance learning experience. Our teachers have worked diligently to create an environment that empowers students and parents to be successful.

Brook Hill deliberately uses the term ​distance learning rather than technology-specific labels such as “virtual learning,” “e-learning,” or “online classes.” This choice reflects our conviction that quality learning can occur at a distance without solely relying on computers. Brook Hill’s goal is for students to read, communicate, and engage in meaningful learning experiences, while continuing to be physically active and grow in their knowledge of love of Jesus Christ.

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