History Under A Microscope

Mrs. Wallace and her 8th grade science classes visited the American Freedom Museum this week for our “History Under A Microscope” tour and activity.

We have discovered that students often learn a concept or are introduced to an evaluating tool during class, such as the Scientific Method, but they never learn how to recognize the opportunities to use that tool outside their classroom. Most of the time they don’t even consider that the process could be used outside that specific class or area of study.

Students think, like most of us do, that the Scientific Method is only for science, when actually, it is an excellent tool for discovery in any area of study! Our 8th grade students spent time walking through the museum looking for a great question that they wanted answers to. Once they found their question, they determined their position on the question and began the journey of gathering evidence to support their hypothesis. The greatest thing about this tour is that students begin thinking deeper about events, academics and personal interests, by learning to ask more than just basic questions. They are becoming better students by asking better questions in their quest for knowledge and information in all areas of study!

Here are a few examples for you to discuss over dinner tonight:

  • Which event had the greatest impact on U.S. history: Pearl Harbor or 9/11?
  • Which President had the most impact on Vietnam?
  • Which state has produced the most U.S. Presidents?
  • Would the U.S. have entered WWII if Pearl Harbor had not been attacked?

Thank you Mrs. Wallace for sharing your 8th grade students with us in the Museum and for using the Scientific Method to look at “History Under A Microscope!”