In His Own Words: Brook Hill Alum Reflects on His Education

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

Sang Jun (Justin) Lee, ’07, was recently accepted into the graduate program for Economics at Duke and had to share the news with his Brook Hill family.  Upon reading his message, I felt compelled to share parts of it with you as a sterling example of what sets Brook Hill apart from other Christian, college preparatory schools!

“I was just praying for this moment!!!!

By the way, Mrs. Bell, after my graduation from Rice in December, I had some ample time to be retrospective about my past life in the U.S. (finally!). And, I think it was really important that I learned, (to speak in political terms), “conservative values” at Brook Hill. It has really helped me to decide right from wrong and good from evil, and know the importance of family value centered on good faith and moral judgement. As I grow older (although still too young to know everything), I think it is good to be a righteous person. And, I just wish that the school continues to preach such values because they are just important, especially today.  When I see some political issues today, I feel pain that some liberal ideas promote values that are not natural and beneficial to the health of marriage and family and to the country like the U.S. and I really do hope that U.S. stays away from those European influence!!!!( even though I really love Europe).

Anyways, I think it is a great mission to teach Christian values!!! And, it is awesome!! You know when I first came to Brook Hill, you know I was not happy about becoming a Texan, but I am not now. I think there was a purpose in God’s work as he led me to Brook Hill and Rice (he spanked me a few times when I tried to run away from his house!!!). I just now feel like Texas is my second Home where I spent all of my youth and vigor and President George Bush is just my big favorite!

I also still remember the first year at school and you came up to my room and tried to make me feel at home at Brook Hill, looking at the pictures of my family and, you were like a mother!!  When I look back at my memory of me asking for your permission to use Mr. Lauderale’s phone to do phone interviews to transfer to other schools, I now feel so flushed, red, in my face, thinking that I was doing what I was not supposed to do, and feel so inappropriate about my behavior!! But all in all, I really appreciated that you did not say a word and these became my enduring lessons and I just appreciate all the moments at Brook Hill in terms of how it helped me to grow!

Anyways, I will update you on my story! I will now go back to Korea and get ready for other exiting years!!

Sang Jun (But, you can still call me Justin)”

Sang Jun Justin Lee