News from the Library

From the desk of Pamela Hays, MS/US Library Media Specialist:

Even though the traditional library is transforming to include new technology and support systems, the ever-important purpose of reading books need not be overlooked. While we have done much in the way of bringing the library up-to-date with technology such as a wireless printer, student computers, and study spaces, we want to remind students of the importance of reading for fun.

Recent research from the Reading Agency found overwhelming evidence that reading for pleasure by free choice lowers levels of depression, increases empathy for others, decreases the chance of dementia, and improves our relationships with others. In addition, reading for fun helps us understand and develop our own identity while providing insight into the perspectives of others.

In addition to the findings from the literature review above, see below for a list of other solid evidence the benefits of reading for fun offer:
• You expose yourself to new things
• You discover ways to improve yourself
• You improve your understanding of the world around you and can gain experience about ideas, events, people, and places outside of your environment
• The more you read, the better you get at reading. This is especially true for kids
• Reading is like exercise for our brains- it strengthens connections and helps us build new ones
• Reading improves concentration, improves vocabulary, develops language skills, and improves writing ability
• Reading increases imagination
• Reading for pleasure directly improves performance in every subject

All of that to say, we have new books in the library for your reading pleasure! See below for our new additions:
• 4 new books from Christian Fiction author Jane Karon
• 6 new books from well-known Mystery Detective author Dorothy Sayers
• 5 new books from Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan
• This Life I Live by Rory Feek
• Mark Twain’s Life by Ron Powers