During SPARC week students learned how to use their digital cameras. Students explored the various ways their cameras can manipulate and control light and how to get the right settings for various kinds of environments and situations.

But students did more that take photos. They learned to tell stories, the fundamentals of journalism, and how to compose the basic elements of an article. A local reporter and newspaper editor also came to share about the photojournalism process and his career.

In addition to writing and learning the technical side of photography, students also learned how to take an artistic perspective in their pictures.

Students practiced their new skills by covering a local SPARC course and other feature stories around Brook Hill. The class also went to the Zoo for a day to practice taking pictures, enjoy the wildlife, and take a creative approach to journalism.

On Friday students composed and published their stories and photos on our school’s newspaper/blog. You can see some of their stories here:

Photojournalism-1 Photojournalism-2 Photojournalism-3 Photojournalism-4 Photojournalism-5 Photojournalism-6 Photojournalism-7 Photojournalism-8 Photojournalism-9 Photojournalism-10 Photojournalism-11 Photojournalism-12 Photojournalism-13 Photojournalism-14 Photojournalism-15 Photojournalism-16 Photojournalism-17 Photojournalism-18 Photojournalism-19 Photojournalism-20 Photojournalism-21